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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valentines Day Neck Tie Tees and Onesies

Here are some adorable Valentines Day Neck Tie Tees. The t-shirt was made for one adorable little boy and I can't wait to see how handsome he will be on Valentines Day! I couldn't help myself but to make a matching Onesie. It would be absolutely adorable to have a Big Brother and Little Brother in matching Neck Tie Tees! Please keep checking back, I have tons of Valetines Day projects I'm working on. If you see anything you would like for your kiddo, please email me. Shipping is not a problem, and if requested I can ship internationally. I will have lots of new things from now until Valentines Day so keep reading!




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  2. theres a company in LA that does this too and its trademarked, be inspired but dont steal,karma is real

  3. Luc wore his for a few minutes on V-Day. I made the mistake of showing him a train tshirt that we got him and he refused to wear the Tie shirt out of the house because he saw a Train. He would have worn it to church today but we didn't make it with car problems and sick germs... I can't wait for him to wear it there though. I know everyone will go crazy over it!