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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funky and Sweet Appliqued Tee's and Tanks!

Here is a look at some of my most recent Applique orders. There are so many possibilities with these fun tee's from an Initial Tee, Birthday Tee, Neck Tie Tee or any of your child's favorite things such as Cars, Boats, Rockets, Animals, Foods....You can request any type of applique that you would like with any fabric you may see on my site. I can always suggest something or come up with a unique design for you.

Funky Appliqued Tee or Tank, $14
Funky Applique Long Sleeved Tee, $18


  1. I hope you know how talented you are... seriously!!! I love the bird one... for me!

  2. Thanks Kari! You're very sweet!!